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08 May 2011 @ 09:23 am
You erupt from a valley of silence,
"These streets suffer dreamers,
I've grown enough to sow
my own fertile ambitions
into a different earth,
free of these preclusions,
My bones hungry for the sun
and not its rippling reflections."

These walls were never built to contain,
I've fallen from your heaven my dear,
To a shadow of your towering hero,
Raw and vulnerable, all scars exposed,

Of course there is a world beyond us,
A whole flow of opportunity at your feet.
Yet if you should ever find the world cold,
Unreceptive of your careless intentions,
These arms and ears are full of love,
A sanctuary for each resurgence,
as you carry responsibility unlike Atlas.

We'll always be young my love,
Our fault is only in forgetting,
That we are as tender as we were,
beneath these heavy bones.
Powerful in our innocent lullabies,
In awe of each and everything
and its part in who we are
and who will be.
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